Vivian Van Pelt





First Appearance:

Bride of Chucky (Mentioned)

Vivian Van Pelt is a victim of Charles Lee Ray during the Lakeshore Strangler years of the 1980's.


She is killed by Charles Lee Ray (likely by strangling) and her body is dumped in Forest Creek River. Two years after her demise her body was finally found, dragged from the water. Charles had stolen her $5,000-$6,000 ring, which he planned to sell, but lost it on the night he was gunned down by Detective Mike NorrisTiffany manages to find it, and mistakenly thinks it is an engagement ring and believing he was planning on marrying her. 

Bride of Chucky (1998)Edit

Tiffany brings up Vivian's ring, believing it to be an engagement ring. However, Chucky reveals the rings' origin to her, revealing he murdered Vivian Pelt, dumped her corpse in a river, and stole her worthy ring. Chucky then laughs at Tiffany's ignorance, hurting Tiffany.


  • She is possibly indirectly mentioned by Grace Poole in Child's Play 2 when she quotes, "He (Charles Lee Ray) murdered a dozen people".
  • Vivian is one of Charles Lee Ray's only known victims.

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