The vacation victims are 6 people Chucky killed while he was on his vacation with Tiffany and Glen in Seed of Chucky. Their identities are unknown.

Seed of ChuckyEdit

They aren't actually seen in the film and their deaths are not shown on camera. They are seen in Tiifany's vacation slideshow in a bonus scene not in the final film. Tifany scolds and nags Chucky about killing them (as she had made him promise to stop killing). He simply responds that he was just on vacation. The sites of them makes Glen have to leave the room.

The Victims Edit

  1. Lifeguard: Killed possibly by being buried in sand.
  2. Cab Driver: He is hit by his own cab.
  3. An Unknown Man: Hit by a bus.
  4. An Unknown Man: He is hung from a tower in Seattle.
  5. An Unknown Climber: He has his arms amputated and he falls off a cliff to his death.
  6. An Unknown Person: He is mutilated by the World's Largest Twine Ball.

Victim Numbers Edit

The killings all occurred presumably before the murder of Tony Gardner. They are his 26th-31st people Chucky murders after becoming a doll. However, Grace Poole mentions that "he" (Charles Lee Ray) "murdered a dozen people". If Vivian Van Pelt and Daniel Pierce (Charles' only identified victims) are subtracted from a dozen, then that means there are 10 victims still left unidentified. This means they can be Chucky's 26-31st, 28-34th, or even 38-43th victims.

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