Hello everyone.

I am applying for adminship over this wiki, as there are none at this time. The only admin, the founder, has not been active since 2010. Because there are many active contributors on this wiki, I would like to know if everyone is okay with myself taking over.

Already, I have completely seperated the fanon pages from the film pages, and I am building all other pages that have not existed (other characters, actors, etc). As well, I fixed the infobox for characters, as it was in German, and simplified the list of categories to be used, as many only included fanon characters or mixed everything together.

As an admin, I would like to remove all of the pages and photographs that are unnecessary to this wiki. I have collected them all together after going through the categories, and they should be removed. I assume many of them have been there for a few years.

I would also like to fix the theme of this wiki, as I don't find the background and colour choices really fits into the Child Play theme, and I would like to change the graphic wordmark, because it would be more effective if it looked like this.

I am the admin of three other wikis, so I know what I should do to improve this wiki. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you.