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The Technician is an unnamed character in Child's Play 2. He is an employee of the Good Guy company and Chucky's first victim in the film

Child's Play 2 (1990)Edit

He is among the repair team sent to fix the destroyed Chucky Good Guy doll. Unfortunately, this was his downfall, as the supernatural power of the doll caused the machine to horribly malfunction. This zaps the worker through a glass panel, killing him painfully.

Victim Number Edit

The man is the 5th victim of the killer doll. However, Grace Poole mentions that "he" (Charles Lee Ray) "murdered a dozen people" before the events of the film. Vivian Van Pelt and Daniel Pierce are Charles' only identified victims in the series. This means he can be Chucky's 5th, 7th, or even 17th victim of Charles/Chucky.


Technician 1

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