Toy Factory Worker 3





Portrayed By:

Don Pugsley

First Appearance:

Child's Play 2

The Toy Factory Worker #3 is a Play Pal employee, who is given the assignment of repairing and rebuilding the charred Good Guy doll of Andy Barclay.

Child's Play 2 (1990)Edit

On the day he comes to see the doll, now repaired, a horrible incident happens. The device to put in the eyes jams, and electrocutes another Unnamed Child's Play Technician. He shows the paramedics where his friend is, so they can take him away. He appears again much later at the Good Guy doll factory that Chucky forces Andy to flee and hide in.


Chucky chases Andy and Kyle, in an attempt to kill them. Apparently, the toy worker never heard anything going on. When Kyle and Andy try getting away from Chucky, they crawl under the machine that puts the eyes into dolls.

Chucky sees where they are hiding, and jams the machine. The worker notices the machine malfunctioning, and looked under, foolishly, to check the device. Chucky pushes the button to re-activate the machine. He dies as the machine gouges his eyes with fake plastic ones. Later in their fight, his body is used by Chucky to knock Kyle down.

Trivia Edit

The worker is Chucky's 11th victim since Child's Play.


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