The unnamed gravedigger is a minor character in Bride of Chucky. He works at the same cemetery where Charles Lee Ray's corpse is buried.

Bride of Chucky Edit

The gravedigger was digging around Charles Lee Ray's grave, in the way of Chucky and Tiffany's plans. Chucky shoots the man, killing him and horrifying Jade Kincaid.

Victim Number Edit

The gravedigger is the 25th person Chucky murders after becoming a doll. However, Grace Poole mentions that "he" (Charles Lee Ray) "murdered a dozen people". If Vivian Van Pelt and Daniel Pierce (Charles' only identified victims) are subtracted from a dozen, then that means there are 10 victims still left unidentified. This means the digger can be Chucky's 25th, 27th, or even 37th victim.

Gallery Edit

Gravedigger play4

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