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Sgt. Botnick
CHP3Sgto. Botnick





Portrayed By:

Andrew Robinson

First Appearance:

Child's Play 3

"Presto. You're bald."
--Sgt. Botnick, after shaving his recruits.

Sergeant Botnick is a cruel, heartless, cold, and sadistic camp barber at Kent Military school. He is responsible for giving new recruits military haircuts to fit the dress code, even removing their hairdos altogether.


Sgt. Botnick had called on Whitehurst to get ready for his regular haircut. After he left, Sgt. Botnick came upon Chucky, and decided for fun to give the doll a buzz cut. However, much to his shock, Chucky turned the tables on him and slashed his throat with a razor as he bleeds to death. Chucky then comments, "Presto. You're dead", before laughing maniacally as Botnick struggles for his life before finally succumbing to asphyxiation and dying in his chair. Whitehurst walks in on Botnick's demise and is scared of by Chucky and the grisly scene of Botnick's corpse.

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