Sarah Pierce



Known Relatives:

Daniel (Husband)
Nica (Daughter)
Barb (Daughter)
Ian (Son-in-Law)
Alice (Grandchild)



Portrayed By:

Chantal Quesnelle

First Appearance:

Curse of Chucky

Sarah Pierce is a woman who had been acquainted with Charles Lee Ray in her past, and her actions against him are what led to the chain of events that would lead to Child's Play.


Many years ago, Sarah was a happy wife and mother with her daughter Barb, with another one the way (Nica). But her happy life would become shattered when her husband introduced her to a man named Charles. She was oblivious to his infatuation with her, and how it was growing to obsession. His madness would soon come to light however, as her husband is found murdered. After her husband's funeral, she is kidnapped by Charles, but manages to call the police. Charles angered by her rejection, pulls out a knife and stabs her in the stomach before fleeing the oncoming police. Because she was pregnant with Nica, his actions cause her to be paraplegic. 

Afterwards, Sarah became traumatized by what happened to herself and what happened to Nica. There is no hint that Sarah ever remarried, so she most likely raised her daughters on her own. It appears she never told her children of what really happened to her or their father's death.



Sarah's death.

Nica has been living with her mother for her whole life. One day, Sarah receives a strange package, a doll named Chucky. Though both mother and daughter are bewildered by the package, they forget about it and throw it away.

Though not shown, in the beginning of the film, she is killed by Chucky in the middle of the night. Nica had awakened to her mother screaming and discovered her body on the floor. She had apparently "fallen" off the balcony. However, it is revealed that Chucky stabbed Sarah through the heart with a pair of scissors, causing her to fall to her death.


  • Sarah is Chucky's 40th victim since Child's Play.
  • Before her death, Sarah was shown to be a painter and mostly painted sunflowers. Unknown to her daughters, they represented a traumatic memory. During her abduction by Charles, she was surrounded by many sunflowers that he had gotten for her.
  • She calling the police on Chucky is one of the things that set off the series' events.

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