Portrayed By:

Jason Flemyng

First Appearance:

Seed of Chucky

Santa Claus is a character that appeared in the fictional film Chucky Goes Psycho.

Seed of Chucky (2004)Edit

A man in a Santa costume, in the middle of winter, walks through a cemetery. He is on a cellphone talking to his girlfriend, who is breaking up with him, and without noticing, a knife cuts through his toy sack and the toys fall out.

Angered, he proceeds to kick the toys, until he happens upon a doll in front of one of the tombstones. He leans in closer to look at the doll, without noticing that Tiffany is sneaking up behind him. When Chucky blinks, he realizes the doll is alive, only to be restrained by Tiffany's slinky. He slashes through the man's stomach and neck, revealing the pillows and fake beard he used to portray Santa. He dies from the blood loss.