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Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey





Portrayed By:

Vince Corazza

First Appearance:

Bride of Chucky

Robert Bailey is a police officer, who is bribed by Tiffany to steal Chucky's remains for her.


After he takes Chucky's pieces, he calls to tell Tiffany that he got it, almost having a collision with a truck in the process. Tiffany laughs, warns him that curiosity killed the cat, then hangs up. While he is waiting for Tiffany, he tries to take a peek in the bag, until Tiffany comes from the backseat and slashes his throat with her nail file, killing him.


  • After his death, Tiffany stole his lighter, engraved with the name "Bailey".
  • In Seed of Chucky,  he is mentioned when Tiffany talks to Mrs. Bailey on the phone about killing her husband. 
  • Tiffany would repeat the same way she murdered him with another officer in Curse of Chucky.
  • The transgender pornstar Bailey Jay's stage name was inspired by this character.


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