The pizza delivery man is a completely unseen man in Seed of Chucky. He is a man who delivered Chucky's pizza.

Seed of Chucky Edit

The pizza man rings the doorbell, saying he's got Chucky's pizza. Chucky answers and admires the pizza he brought. Chucky then asks the man if he will come into the garage (where his wallet supposedly is). He then complies and Chucky kills him with an unseen power tool (likely a chainsaw). He then asks Tiffany if she's seen the twine.

Victim Number Edit

He is the 32nd victim of Chucky after he becomes a doll. However, Grace Poole mentions that "he" (Charles Lee Ray) "murdered a dozen people". Vivian Van Pelt and Daniel Pierce are Charles' only known victims. This means there are 10 other victims left unidentified. This means that the pizza delivery man can be Chucky's 32nd, 34thm or even 44th victim.

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