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Pete Peters
Pete Peters





Portrayed By:

John Waters

First Appearance:

Seed of Chucky

"Get it, Mini Me."
--Pete while photographing Chucky.

Pete Peters is a photographer for Celebrities Revealed, who is trying to get pictures of Jennifer Tilly and Redman to sell to the press.

Seed of Chucky (2004)Edit

When Jennifer discovers the body of a decapitated employee working on the doll puppets, she must address the press about the accident. Pete is part of the press hounding her, begging her to "draw him a picture", and "tell them what she is hiding".

Later in the night, he sneaks into the Tilly residence with a large camera, getting snapshots Jennifer and Redman about to make out on her couch with Tiffany rising slowly behind them. As well, he manages to snap photos of Chucky masturbating in the bathroom.



The photograph.

When Chucky wants to kill Peters for taking his picture, Glen objects and tries to warn him. Spooked by the doll's appearance, he walks back and hits a rack, causing acid to pour down onto him. As he slowly dies from the acid eating away his face, Chucky takes a photograph, and hides it in his pocket. Chucky responds to the murder with, "That a boy! And I thought you weren't ready kid! You're a fucking natural!".


  • When Glen is human, he keeps the photograph.

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