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Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Sarah (Mother)
Barb (Sister)
Alice (Niece)
Birth: November 29th, 1988
Portrayed By: Fiona Dourif
First Appearance: Curse of Chucky

Nica Pierce is the main protagonist introduced in the sixth film, Curse of Chucky.


Nica has spent her whole life in a wheelchair ever since she was born, she is grieving over the suicide of her mother, Sarah, and butting heads with her older sister about Nica's future as Barb wants to sell the house.

During her life, Nica spent most of her life living with her mother and she never got a chance for a normal life or finish college. She was unaware of her mother's trauma with Charles Lee Ray.

But she puts that aside when Chucky mysteriously arrives in the mail. She finds out that the package came from the evidence depository. She looks up in the computer to find any information about Chucky and evidence. She finds the history of Andy and Chucky. She saw the picture of Charles Lee Ray. Earlier, she saw a home movie where Charles Lee Ray was in it. She suspects that he is responsible for the brutal murders that have been happening.

She later finds out that it was Chucky, and then he tells her what happened years ago. He tells her that when he was Charles Lee Ray, he was a friend of her family and he killed her father. Chucky said that Nica never had a life and she was living on life support. Nica uses completion anxiety (which she was studying physiology in College) on Chucky. She taunts him for not killing Andy. Then he kidnapped Sarah, who was pregnant with Nica at the time. When she called the police, he put a knife in Sarah's womb. While his attack did not kill Nica, it did cause severe fetal damage, which is why Nica is in a wheelchair to this day.

Nica's Ultimate FateEdit

She was later arrested when enough evidence was found to charge her for murder. She was declared to be mentally unstable and was sent to a mental asylum. Before being taking away, she taunts Chucky that she's alive in front of everyone in court. Despite being taking to the asylum, she is delighted that she survived the attacked against Chucky. Her "ultimate" fate, however, is unknown. This means that she might appear in the sequel or in later films. Only time will tell.


  • She is the first main character of the franchise to be in a wheelchair.
  • She is now in a hospital, since they think she was crazy and was the one who killed everyone in the house.
  • Nica is also, unfortunately, one of Chucky's intended victims who is punished for his crimes. As neither Kyle, Andy, nor Ronald were ever prosecuted or imprisoned for his crimes.
  • While nothing is yet confirmed, there is a possibility that Nica may return in another sequel, as Don Mancini has expressed interest in further installments of the Child's Play franchise.
  • It's possible her hatred of Chucky increased from not just killing her family, but also to when he revealed to her that he is the one responsible for her being born paraplegic, due to a stab wound he inflicted on a pregnant Sarah for calling the cops on him.


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