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Portrayed By:

Maitland McConnell

First Appearance:

Curse of Chucky

Jill Taylor is the live-in nanny of Alice, and follows the family to Nica's house to help her settle with mother's death.

Curse of Chucky (2013)Edit

Although Jill is there to take care of Alice, she is also secretly having an affair with Barb. They do not really seem to care about her husband Ian, having a make-out session while he is in the same house as them. They even go so far as to have a Skype video chat as Ian is in the same room as Barb.

During their visit however, it is shown that Ian has had his suspicions about the two. He puts a nanny cam inside Chucky to see if he is correct.


While they are Skyping, Barb sees a figure running in the hall, and assumes it is her daughter awake and playing. She tries to warn Jill that Alice is up. However, there is no sound on the computer.

When Jill strips down to her undergarments, she turns around and sees Chucky, holding an electrode. He kicks a bucket of rainwater over, which touches Jill's feet and the power outlet. This electrocutes and kills her, and causes a power outage.


  • Jill is Chucky's 44th victim since Child's Play.
  • When Ian remembers the Good Guy dolls, Jill notes that her brother had one as well.  
  • Though she is Barb's co-conspirator in trying to get Nica to sell the house, she does appear to care genuinely for the family and feels guilt into trying to pressure Nica.


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