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Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Chucky (Father)
Tiffany (Mother)
Glen (Brother)
Birth: 1998
Portrayed By: Billy Boyd (Voice)
Kristina Hewitt (Human)
First Appearance: Bride of Chucky

"Guess again daddy."
--Glenda to Chucky.

Glenda is the alter ego of Glen. However, it is shown that she is a soul, meaning that she and her brother share the same body. It is possible that she could have been absorbed into Glen's body during conception.


Glenda is everything her brother is not. While he is praised for being a sweet angel, Glenda is shown to scare people, including Chucky. Glenda has been known to be violent, start fights, steal, say horrible profanities, and has a look of wanting to murder.

She was born from her dying mother Tiffany in the Hackensack Cemetery. It is unknown whether she or Glen killed the detective who witnessed their birth, but because Glen does not enjoy killings, it is very possible that Glenda took the body over to kill.

Seed of Chucky (2004)

Glenda is not in appearance, but more of action. For some reason, Glenda remained dormant in her brother for six years. Her brother had been found and taken in by Psychs, who claims that Glen tried to attack him. It is possible that could have hinted Glenda's presence. However, Glen said he was not trying at attack him, he was trying to give him a hug.

When her brother escapes from Psychs and goes to Hollywood to find their parents and resurrects them, they question his gender. When they find him without genitalia, Tiffany sees this as a sign that he's a girl, but Chucky thinks he is a late bloomer. They named the child as Glen/Glenda. When asked what he felt like, Glen said confusingly sometimes he felt like both, and asked if he could be.

Whenever Glen witnesses his parents killing, it immediately begins to make him twitch. Under a severe amount of stress, Glenda is able to take over. When it appears that Tiffany killed Joan, Chucky tries to comfort her, only to find Glen in a dress. However, Glenda has now taken over and refers to herself as a "bonus baby", meaning that there were two souls inside the same body. Tiffany tired of her daughter's rants, and slaps her, gettiing Glen back.


Glenda, human.

Glen and Glenda later get the freedom they want from one another when Jennifer Tilly gives birth to twins. With Chucky gone, Tiffany raises the twins (as Jennifer Tilly) as the children of stars. After five years, she has become a problem child, so much so that the nanny, Fulvia decides to quit.

She tells Tiffany that Glen is an angel, but Glenda is mean, violent, cruel, and looks at Fuliva with such "hate" in her eyes. As Tiffany kindly says good-bye, Fuliva turns and sees Glenda smiling at her eerily. When she turns back, Glenda takes great joy watching her mother beat the nanny senselessly with her Tiffany doll. In the extended scene, Tiffany then looks at her daughter, making her promise not to tell of her little "slip".


Glen and Glenda are as different as night and day; somewhat similar to their parents' relationship with the exception of killing. Glen cannot stand to be violent, where as Glenda takes complete joy in it. Not much has been shown with the two as the two have never really understood the other's existence. But upon separating into human bodies, Glenda uses her freedom to terrorize others around her. She is never shown to harm Glen, but that does not mean that she has ever spared him.

She may have some loyalty to her father. When their birthday comes along, a mysterious box is sent to Glen with no address. When Glen opens it, it is revealed to be a severed arm of Chucky that then attacks Glen. Since Chucky was dismembered to be unable to do send the box himself, and seeing how Glenda enjoys to seeing others hurt, she could have sent it herself to her brother.


  • The inspiration for them was from the 1953 film "Glen or Glenda".


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