Known Relatives:




Portrayed By:

Bethany Simons-Danville

First Appearance:

Seed of Chucky

"And now, you're pissing your pants! You're pissing your pants! You're pissing your pants!"
--Claudia to Glen.

Claudia is a little girl imagined by Glen, and was part of his murderous fantasy nightmare in which he massacres her family.

Seed of Chucky (2004)Edit

Claudia, as part of Glen's illusion, was celebrating her 6th birthday and had received a strange present with no card for who sent it. When she opens it, it is revealed to be Glen, the proclaimed ugly doll, which the family ridicules. Later that night, he proceeds to kill Claudia's father and mother.

However, when Glen came into Claudia's room ready to strike, she began ridiculing him for peeing his pants. Glen then woke up from his dream in the cage, in Psychs' care.

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