The Carnival Security Guard is an unnamed character in Child's Play 3. He is Chucky's final victim in the film.

Child's Play 3Edit

The guard first appears angrily forcing to carnival goers out for annoying him. When Ronald Tyler, Andy Barclay, Kristen De Silva, and other survivors of the military school are chased and pursued by Chucky, Tyler tries to find him to help them. Tyler and the guard meet and Tyler tries to explain the situation. The guard, however, does not believe him at all and sits him down. When the others finally catch up, they are too late. Chucky killed the man off-camera (likely by shooting him) in cold blood with no remorse and had already taken off with Tyler to the Devil's Lair.

Victim Number Edit

The guard is the 18th person Chucky murders after becoming a doll. However, Grace Poole mentions that "he" (Charles Lee Ray) "murdered a dozen people". If Vivian Van Pelt and Daniel Pierce (Charles' only identified victims) are subtracted from a dozen, then that means there are 10 victims still left unidentified. This means he can be Chucky's 18th, 20th, or even 30th victim.


  • He is the 2nd victim Chucky kills completely off-camera, Joanne Simpson being the first.

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