Carnival Security Guard





Portrayed By:

Michael Chieffo

First Appearance:

Child's Play 3

The Security Guard is a man protecting the carnival nearby the Kent Military school.

Child's Play 3 (1991)Edit

When Ronald Tyler is being chased and pursued by Chucky, he runs towards the carnival looking for help. Tyler sees the security guard kicking out teenagers and runs after him into the Lost and Found tent. He tells the guard that "Charles" is after him, but the guard believes that this Charles is only a friend that did something bad. In order to cheer Tyler up, he gives the boy the Chucky doll he just found.

By the time Andy and Kristen finally catch up and reach the tent, they are too late. They find the guard's dead body on the ground with no sight of Tyler and Chucky. Before they leave, Kristen takes the guard's gun as they pursue the doll.


  • He is the 2nd victim Chucky kills off-camera, Joanne Simpson being the first.