Britney Spears




December 2nd, 1981



Portrayed By:

Nadia Dina Ariqat

First Appearance:

Seed of Chucky

Britney Jean Spears is a singer/song writer, that drove in front of Chucky and Glen on their boy's night out.


While Chucky and Glen are driving down the highway, Britney cuts in front of them. Chucky beeps at the car, which results in her flipping them off. Chucky speeds up and rear-ends her car, causing Britney to lose control, and go off road down the hill. Chucky laughs as her car explodes from the impact, saying, "Oops, I did it again", followed by his usual laughter.


  • Britney is Chucky's 34th victim since Child's Play.
  • Her license plate says "Britney1".
  • Britney Spears does not actually appear in this movie. This disclaimer was inserted into TV spots, because Britney's management was concerned that people might be lead to believe that Britney actually appears in the movie.


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