Known Relatives:

Ian (Father)
Barb (Mother)
Nica (Aunt)
Sarah (Grandmother)
Daniel (Grandfather)



Portrayed By:

Summer Howell

First Appearance:

Curse of Chucky

Alice is a 5-year old girl, who keeps Chucky as her toy once she finds him at Nica's house.

Curse of Chucky (2013)Edit

While in her care Chucky does not try even once to hurt Alice. When he reveals himself to her, he simply manipulates her to keep his little secret. She is very oblivious to the real horrors that Chucky was doing, and is made to stay in the closet while Chucky murders the family.

Alice's Ultimate FateEdit

Her fate is left unknown, as she is last seen participating in Chucky's game of "Hide the Soul". However, it is very likely that he did not succeed in possessing her, as her grandmother is seen recovering from an attempted suffocation of a plastic bag over her head. Her fate will be revealed in Cult of Chucky as Don Mancini said. Also further evidence of Chucky's failure is hinted at the plot information released about the upcoming film.


  • Though she is not as heavily manipulated, she is the first girl that Chucky uses and lets know of his secret. Since throughout the series Chucky only has picked boys to know his secret (i.e Andy and Ronald).


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