Alice Pierce



Known Relatives:

Ian (Father)
Barb (Mother)
Nica (Aunt)
Sarah (Grandmother)
Daniel (Grandfather)





Portrayed By:

Summer Howell

First Appearance:

Curse of Chucky

Alice is a young girl, who keeps Chucky as her toy once she finds him at Nica's house. She was cared for by her live-in nanny, Jill.

Curse of Chucky (2013)Edit

She arrives with her family to comfort her aunt Nica, who decides to give the Chucky doll to Alice. She takes a liking to Chucky immediately, and keeps him by her side at all times. He reveals himself to her as the adults remain oblivious.

Later in the night, Alice cannot find Chucky and the family splits up to look for the doll. Nica finds him and proceeds up the elevator to Barb and Alice. She asks her aunt to read her a bed time story; however, her mother dismisses the question and takes her to bed. After they pray, Alice mentions that Chucky told her there is no god, and that they are all going to die. Barb does not believe that the doll speaks, and tucks her into bed. Alice is scared of the thunderstorm outside and wants to sleep with her mother, but Barb reassures her that Jill will be coming soon. After Barb leaves, she hides under the covers, telling Chucky that she is scared. This causes him to spring to life with laughter, telling her "you fucking should be".

To keep her out of the way, Chucky tells her that they are going to play Hide-And-Seek. She hides herself in the closet, allowing Chucky to shut and lock the door. He murders all but Nica, who is blamed as the killer. Alice is taken to live with her grandmother, without the doll. Regardless, Chucky manages to find her again, after she comes home from school. When she asks where her grandmother is, Chucky comments that she is "in the cellar", as he attempted to suffocate her with a plastic bag. Alice professes that she believes Nica killed her parents, but Chucky promises that he is her friend to the end, and that it is time for a new game, "Hide the Soul". He begins the chant. Though you see her grandmother apparently awake, it is most likely Chucky succeeded.

Cult of Chucky (2017)Edit

Alice is seen in flashbacks from Curse during the opening sequence, she is then seen again in a newspaper article and in Nica's portrait. Tiffany mentions to Nica and Dr. Foley that she was her "guardian" before her "death" sometime after the events of Curse, Tiffany mentions that she was on therapy and also used a Good Guy doll as a tool. After Dr. Foley tries to hypnotize Nica, she starts to hallucinate, and sees a grown-up Alice.

Alice's Chucky explains to Nica that he found a spell online at, allowing him to possess anyone. He used this spell to successfully possess Alice for a short time, but she was killed when one of her victims fought back.

After Chucky transfers his soul into Nica, allowing him to walk out of the asylum, he is reunited with Tiffany at the front gate. As they get into her car, Tiffany begins to feel bad about Alice, and says that it was nice to have her around. Chucky replies simply saying "fuck that kid", after which Tiffany adjusts her rearview mirror to see her doll in the backseat. Tiffany and Chucky start laughing, and the doll laughs with them as they begin driving away.


  • Alice's actress Summer Howell was scared of the scarred Chucky doll, so the scenes of the two together were superimposed.
  • She is the first girl that Chucky uses and lets know of his secret, as throughout the series Chucky only has picked boys (i.e Andy and Ronald).
  • Alice is the first person to have been possessed by Chucky since his transfer into the original doll in Child's Play, nearly 30 years prior.
  • She is the first youngest victim of Chucky, to be killed by an unknown victim during some point after Curse of Chucky.


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