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These 3 unidentified men are people who Chucky killed off-camera in Seed of Chucky. It's unknown who they are or what they do, but they presumably work for Jennifer Tilly and/or Redman.

Seed of Chucky Edit

While Chucky is arguing about killing, he reveals the men's corpses to everyone in the room.

The Men Edit

Man #1: He is macheted in the head. He can be Chucky's 35th, 37th, or even 47th victim.
Man #2: He is stabbed in the back with a carving fork. He can be Chucky's 36th, 38th, or even 48th victim.
Man #3: He is suffocated with a plastic bag. He can be Chucky's 37th, 39th, or even 49th victim.

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